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“If someone comes to me about acupuncture I tell him or her it is not painful at all. The needles are so small you really don’t feel them. Acupuncture is very relaxing. After a treatment I walk out pain free. I would recommend to anyone having pain, try it.”

~Patient S.C.

“I was always scared of the thought of needles covering my entire back and pictured a scene from a movie or something. Acupuncture is the opposite of what I thought.  It’s painless, relaxing and it has worked for me. It is worth trying without a doubt.”

~Patient G.D.


Kathy West has treated me for pain in my knees after surgery. My pain was totally alleviated after her treatment. She's the best acupuncturist I've ever been to. A recent treatment has also been excellent. I recommend her to anybody.”

~Patient I.C.


I was diagnosed with some arthritis in my left knee and was hobbling about in pain, unable to walk more than a block or two. My doctor advised that I would need cortisone shots to get back my mobility- something that I did not want to do! Instead I decided to try a different route and had approximately five sessions with Kathy West using the Microcurrent Positional Tuina (MPT) technique. I am now totally without pain and able to take brisk, five-mile walks daily. Needless to say I am thrilled and highly recommend Kathy West and her practice.”

~Patient P.P.

Headaches, Trigger Points, Muscle Spasms

“My experience with acupuncture has been positive. I sought treatment for headaches, trigger points and muscle spasms because conventional therapy was not working well for me. After only a few treatments I experienced relief. I knew that acupuncture used special needles that barely penetrated the skin. As far as hurting, if that were truly the case, why would so many people choose that particular type of treatment and keep coming back for more?”

~Patient K.M.

I came to Kathy with chronic left-sided pain - neck, back, even arms!  I'd been to doctors and physical therapists and faithfully followed every suggestion and directive.  I was out of ideas.  My husband suggested I try something different and I contacted Kathy.  For the first time in over a year, I felt relief after the first visit.  I came for another visit or two and experienced total relief.  I returned to my previous exercise routine and the pain has never returned.  Not only did Kathy's skill and technique work, but she was so easy to trust - she speaks thoughtfully and plainly about her craft and made it easy for this novice to begin to understand the value of acupuncture. 

~Patient K.D.

*Patients' names withheld for confidentiality

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